Top 10 Best Golf Balls 2017 Reviews

The quality of golf balls is among the most under-rated things by even the most experienced golf players. Most of us often make the assumption that as long as it is perfectly spherical and that it is hard enough, then it is perfect. We tend to forget other factors such as velocity and durability, and with these, one may not be able to find the best golf balls 2017. With the most important factors taken into consideration, here is a comprehensive review of the top 10 golf balls of all time; gold balls that have been designed and manufactured to ensure maximum results at the golf course.

Best Golf Balls 2017

1. Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls
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The Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls are present in White, Yellow and White/Truvis color schemes. These golf balls provide the softest feel as well as excellent control for short games around the green. When playing off the tee, these balls have been designed to provide the lowest spin for maximum distance by maximizing the speed without creating a high spin off the gold driver. These balls’ Dura Spin Cover is made for great durability, maximum control for short games and the ultimate amazing feel as its soft fast core retains much more energy as compared to the previous compression models making them the best golf balls 2017. Its 3-piece construction also makes up for its great strength and durability. These balls are available in a 12-ball pack, at the most affordable prices ever.

2. Srixon Z-Star XV Golf Balls

Srixon Z-Star XV Golf Balls
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Equipped with the S.T.A.R performance, the Srixon Z Star XV balls are precisely tuned with performance that greatly enhances its playability on each and every shot. They have a soft energetic core that has gradient growth features for maximum resilience. Their dual-core performance is as a result of their dual core construction that optimizes the combined spin off the tee and optimal trajectory, as well as its 344 speed dimples that provide the zoom and long penetrating ball flights. These balls also feature the SpinSkin coating that offers exceptional control for any tour player, with the thinnest and softest urethane cover for excellent distance and spin. These Srixon top rated golf balls are available in Pure White and Tour Yellow colors for you to choose from, and their responsiveness, accelerates speed, great distances and great trajectory are among the many features that give them the best golf balls 2017 from buyers and users across the globe.

3. TaylorMade Tour Preferred X Golf Balls

TaylorMade Tour Preferred X Golf Balls
TaylorMade Tour Preferred X Golf Balls

Any avid golfer in search of golf balls that look and feel great without sacrificing distance and speed should always try using the TaylorMade Tour Preferred X golf balls. Just like most TaylorMade golf balls, these balls feature the React core design that promotes faster ball speeds off the driver and a soft feel throughout the bag. Their SpinMantle technology incudes inner layers that have been designed to increase consistency of shot spins. These balls feature the Soft Tech Cover which is the new softer urethane material that is used on the balls’ surface to improve their greenside spin and maximize control. The TaylorMade Tour Preferred golf balls have been engineered to provide great performance, the best look and the most amazing feel, features that have it ranks among the best golf balls 2017. This 5-piece ball is specifically designed for the single digit handicap and has 322 seamless dimples that ensure maximum speeds and trajectory. As per the reviews and golf ball ratings, these balls are great for golfers seeking more spin on their iron shots.

4. Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls

Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls
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The launch and spin of your golf ball are two major factors that will determine trajectory, speed and distance, thus affecting your general performance at the golf course. The Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls offer higher launches and lower spins, a combination that is truly epic when it comes to golfing. These Titleist golf balls offer you long straight distances, drop-and-stop greenside control, long-lasting technology and consistent flight. These balls are designed with the new patented cover that ensures you achieve more control, spin and a softer feel, as well as a penetrating trajectory. Their multi-component construction utilizes a softer ZG compression process core technology that features an ionomeric casing layer that promotes responsiveness and a high-performance Urethane Elastomer cover with a 352 tetrahedral dimple design. These balls are present in White and come in a dozen. They definitely count among the best golf balls of all time, as well as the best golf balls 2017.

5. Bridgestone E6 Golf Balls

Bridgestone E6 Golf Balls
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In the modern world, rarely does affordability go with incredible performance and effectiveness. Though, the Bridgestone E6 breaks this myth by offering the golfer everything that is needed to win a golf game. This set of balls has an improved cover design that greatly increases aerodynamics, thus smoother trajectories and better spins. Their all new dual dimple technology is all optimized for increased ball distances. These balls have a reformulated cover that allows for increased softness, yet never enhancing driver back spin. Some of the features that make these balls the best value golf balls include the great control they offer the golfer, more spin delivery, higher launches and lower driver spins. Their 326 Web Dimple design and 3-piece ionomer cover construction also maximize their reliability, making them the best golf balls 2017. These golf balls are available in White, Yellow and Orange colors.

6. TaylorMade Project A Golf Balls

TaylorMade Project A Golf Balls
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The faster speeds and great soft feel offered by the TaylorMade Project A balls is made possible by their React Core technology. These balls feature the SpinMantle technology that features inner layers that have been designed to offer a more consistent shot spin. They also have a Soft Tech cover that mainly consists of the new softer urethane material that promotes and improves the greenside spin and maximizes control, the main feature that gives these balls the best golf balls 2017. Their 3-piece design, supplemented by their 360 ldp aerodynamics and Sub 70 ball compression ensure that both armature and veteran enjoy maximum control and superb performance in the golf course, the reason as to why they have the best golf balls ratings as compared to other golf balls in their caliber.

7. Callaway Superhot 55 Golf Balls

Callaway Superhot 55 Golf Balls
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The Callaway Superhot 55 Golf Balls come in Yellow and White colors and can be bought in a 12-ball pack. These balls feature an aerodynamic design that ensures long from tee-to-green distances, lower drag and optimal lift that ensures the ball stays in the air longer, with a stronger flight. They have reduced hooks and slices that ensure straight shots are achieved by hitting the mantle and cover system. These work together to ensure lower ball spins that reduce slices and hooks for better ball control. These balls have a 55 compression that is low and gives the balls a better softer feel. With their 3-piece construction, these Callaway Superhot golf balls are durable with great aerodynamics, hence they are bound to having the best golf balls ratings from any golfer who has given them a try. They say that a great golf game starts with a great ball, and the Callaway Superhot 55 balls hold the best golf balls 2017 making them the most ideal pick for you.

8. TaylorMade Aeroburner Pro Golf Balls

TaylorMade Aeroburner Pro Golf Balls
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The TaylorMade Aeroburner Pro Golf Balls offer the best speed and distance with a pro-like stopping distance. Their 3-piece construction, 342 dimple design and 70 ball compressions work hand in hand to ensure that the ball explodes off the face of the golf club faster, stays in the air longer and goes flat-out far without compromising on feel and control. Its Iothane cover provides great aerodynamics for faster spins and the best soft feel as you launch your balls. These TaylorMade balls are the best recommended top golf balls for mid to high handicap golfers. Their strength, durability, reliability and effectiveness are factors enough to make them the best golf balls 2017.

9. Titleist Velocity Golf Balls

Titleist Velocity Golf Balls
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The Titleist Velocity balls are known to offer the fastest initial velocity for more explosive distances. Their deep and low downrange peak trajectory is amazing when it comes to precision and accuracy of shots, thus the best golf balls for beginners. These balls feature the thinner NAZ2 cover formulation that gives them a playable soft fee; throughout the game. With their proprietary LSX core ensure maximum speeds and longer distances as the core acts as a propelling engine. These balls feature the dimple design with 328 spherically tiled tetrahedral dimples which account for a softer feel and better ball control. Whether it is off the tee or in the green, the Titleist Velocity make the best golf balls 2017 from which you can expect consistency, longer distances, faster speeds and a softer feel. They definitely are worth your try.

10. Pinnacle Soft Golf Balls

Pinnacle Soft Golf Balls
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The Pinnacle Soft Golf Balls can be purchased in White or Pink colors for you to choose from. They are engineered with a high-energy compression core that is extremely low to deliver the most extreme soft feel and long spins for longer distances. Their core formulation that is proprietary to Pinnacle combines an ionomer cover that is incredibly soft to provide the softest feeling to the golf balls. Its advanced icosahedral dimple design features 332 dimples that ensure consistency in ball flight. The balls’ cores act as engines that propel them higher and faster through the air, making them good golf balls for any golfer. These Pinnacle golf balls are very affordable and they come with the best modern features that make them the best golf balls 2017.

Golf is a game that everyone enjoys, and as much as you can be a prowess in the field, it takes a good golf ball to achieve the best results in the golf course. For most people, picking the best rated golf balls is usually challenging because for them, all of them look and feel the same. The golf balls above have been tested and researched, and found to have the best golf balls 2017, and given their affordability, you surely must give them a try.