Top 10 Best Rated Golf Shoes for mens In 2017 Reviews

Beyond the comfort and fit of your shoes, there is much more in terms of features when it comes to choosing the right golf shoes. The kind of material used, cushioning, durability and ergonomics are among the most vital features that should be considered when searching for the right golf shoes for your needs. From the various golf shoe reviews and buyer ratings around the sports world, it is evident that the following reviews belong to best golf shoes 2017.

1. Skechers Performance Go Golf Men’s Elite 2 Golf Shoe.

Skechers Performance Men's Go Golf Elite 2 Golf Shoe is Best Golf Shoes 2017

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Skechers is an international brand that is well-known for the most amazing sports shoes in the world and the Sketchers Performance Go Golf Elite 2 for men doesn’t disappoint. These golf shoes are present in black, charcoal, stone, chocolate, navy/red, gray/blue, white/gray/blue and blue/black color options for you to pick from. Its uppers are made from a genius combination of leather and synthetic material for breathability, comfort and better balance of moisture. Its synthetic sole features a durable TPU bottom plate with replaceable Softspikes cleats for maximum grip and traction even as you play on slippery golf courses. Its low-drop design featuring the 5Gen cushioning is responsible for all the comfort, cushioning and light weight. Just like other best golf shoes 2017 from Sketchers, the Elite 2 golf shoes feature the patented seam-sealed H2GO Shield design that offers waterproof protection from rainy and wet weather conditions. With all these great features, these are definitely the pair of shoes any golf enthusiast should consider investing in.

2. Men’s FootJoy SuperLites Golf Shoes.

Men's FootJoy SuperLites Golf Shoes is New golf shoes 2017

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If you ever want happy feet during your golf game, then the FootJoy SuperLites comes with features that ensure exactly that. With outstanding waterproof leather and synthetic uppers designed for durability, breathability and perfect cushioning, this pair of new golf shoes 2017 is designed to ensure comfort throughout your play. For maximum traction and bounce, these shoes have a rubber sole. Their Austin Last rounded toe character provides the fullest fit across the wearer’s forefoot, a standard heel and instep for comfort and flexibility with a DuraMax rubber outsole for turf gripping and durability. Its cushioned fit-bed is lightweight thus providing underfoot comfort and optimal heel support by dampening the shock during walking or running. These shoes come in white/black, all over white, all over black, white/navy/red, black, white/blue, white/black and white color options. You definitely should give them a try if you are a golfer.

3. New Balance Men’s NBG518 Golf Shoe.

New Balance Men's NBG518 Golf Shoe is Best Golf Shoes 2017

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The New Balance NBG518 Golf Shoes are present in white/black, lime and navy/red color options. Their uppers are made of meshed breathable synthetic overlays for maximum durability and perfect cushioning of the feet. Their rubber soles feature a 10mm heel to toe drop that allows for a much lower inclination to the ground when hitting your balls. For the sake of stability, traction and durability, these shoes come equipped with a rubber outsole. The most notable feature that makes the New Balance 518 best golf shoes 2017 is the fact that they are built with golf-specific technologies that enhance traction, comfort, stability and ultimately, your performance in the golf course.

4. PUMA Men’s Golf Ace Golf Shoe.

PUMA Men's Golf Ace Golf Shoe is Best Golf Shoes 2017

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Sporting a beautiful design in a variety of color options including black/white, white/vibrant orange, white/black/high risk red, limestone gray/black, black/white, white/vibrant/drizzle and limestone gray/black/steel gray, the PUMA Men’s Golf Ace Shoes will get any golfer to invest in them. These shoes feature synthetic and full-grain leather uppers for breathability and maximum comfort. These shoes feature the PWRCOOL technology powered by Outlast to regulate temperature, increasing comfort in any weather conditions. Their rubber soles are designed to maximize stability, cushioning and traction. The PUMA Golf Ace shoes have a timeless design that excellently fuses lifestyle, sport and fashion making them best golf shoes 2017.

5. Skechers Performance Men’s Go Golf Tour Elite Golf Shoe.

Skechers Performance Men's Go Golf Tour Elite Golf Shoe is Best Golf Shoes 2017

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Belonging to one of the most respected sports shoes brands in the world, the Sketchers Performance Go Golf Tour Shoes come in black, white/navy/red, brown, black/white and charcoal/navy color choices for you to choose from. Priding themselves of 100% synthetic water-resistant uppers, these shoes will work perfectly under any weather condition. Their lace-up front design and padded tongue/collar ensure perfect cushioning and a snug fit for the best results during golfing. They also feature rubber soles with spikeless outsoles that promote stability and traction so you do not slip when walking or running. With all these ergonomics in place, these Sketchers golf shoes are definitely best golf shoes 2017, especially if you are after affordability.

6. ECCO Men’s Hybrid Biom Hydromax Golf Shoe.

ECCO Men's Biom Hybrid Hydromax Golf Shoe is Best Golf Shoes 2017

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The ECCO Hybrid Biom Hydromax Golf Shoes have a sporty lightweight design that translates to higher performance, a snug fit and physical appeal. These shoes feature yak leather and synthetic uppers for strength, breathability and light weight. This yak leather is Hydromax treated making it weather and perspiration resistant. This is also achieved by, its synthetic sole, featuring an engineered outsole which also enhance stability and perfect traction of up to 800 traction angles. Its BIOM anatomical design provides a perfect fit and comes in black/black solid, white/lime punch, warm gray/pure green, white/concrete/black, concrete/dark shadow and concrete/white/denim blue color options, qualifying to be among Best Golf Shoes 2017.

7. Nike Durasport III Men’s Golf Shoes.

Nike Mens Durasport III Golf Shoes is Best Golf Shoes 2017

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Nike one of the most trusted sports attire companies in the world, and with the Nike Durasport III for men, there is absolutely nothing to be disappointed about. These shoes feature synthetic leather uppers that are water-resistant, comfortable and durable in different weather conditions. Its patented Nike Power Platform outsoles are made of rubber for the best bounce which actually powers its Scorpion Stinger spikes as well as the Q-LOK System, which have been designed specifically for stability and perfect grip. These shoes provide the ultimate cushioning, comfort and support to your feet, thanks to its Phylon full-length midsole. With all these technological advances through the years, there is absolutely no doubt that the Nike Durasport shoes are among best golf shoes 2017.

8. Skechers Performance Men’s Go Golf Fairway Golf Shoe.

Skechers Performance Men's Go Golf Fairway Golf Shoe is Best Golf Shoes 2017

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Being the third of the Sketchers brand best golf shoes 2017, we can trust the Sketchers Performance Go Golf Fairway Shoes to offer you the best performance you have ever dreamt of on the golf course. They are present in black/white, white/blue/red, charcoal/blue and gray/orange color combinations to choose from. They have leather/synthetic uppers that are breathable and durable. Their synthetic soles feature the Goga matrix outsole that is durable and built for traction and stability. The Skechers Go Golf Fairway Golf Shoes also make use of the Goga max and 5Gen cushioning technologies to ensure maximum support, comfort and stability to the feet even when trading the most irregular terrains. If you are on a budget, these shoes are definitely worth your consideration.

9. New Balance Men’s NBG2004 Golf Shoe.

New Balance Men's NBG2004 Golf Shoe is Best Golf Shoes 2017

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The New Balance NBG2004 golf shoes are the second of its brand under best golf shoes 2017 and the features they come with are nothing short of admirable. Their microfiber leather uppers are of premium quality and water-resistant, durable and breathable. Their synthetic soles are fitted with tpu outsoles that provide stability, cushioning and flexes that correspond with the natural motion of your feet during golfing. They also feature Champ removable slim-lok cleats for maximum traction even on slippery terrain. For even better foot support, they come equipped with the Revlite midsole that promotes comfort and in turn, great performance on the golf course. They are present in black/green, gray/blue and white/red color options.

10 FootJoy Men’s DryJoys DNA BOA Golf Shoes.

FootJoy Men's DryJoys DNA BOA Golf Shoes is Best Golf Shoes 2017

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A glance at the FootJoy DryJoys DNA BOA Shoes shows the most unique design that cannot be competed even by the other best golf shoes. For the perfect snug fit, these shoes feature the SnugFit tongue with MicroVent technology which allows them to shape to the feet while providing breathability. They also have the 3D FoamCollar that molds to the ankles for unmatched comfort, fit and support. Their NitroThin tpu outsole is lightweight and features a set of Tornado cleats designed by Softspikes for a lower profile performance via its TourLock cleat system. These FootJoy golf shoes also feature the Nitro Last technology which offers a fuller rounded toe character and a slightly shallow positioning for the forefoot. Their ChromoSkin leather technology ensures durability, a lighter weight and waterproof uppers, making them unbelievably comfortable. The BOA Closure System is also for maximum stability and comfort, making these shoes a smart investment for all golfers.

Achievement of excellent golfing results depends on more than just the perfect drivers, golf clubs, golf balls and a good golf course. The pair of shoes a golfer wears is also a vital part of the whole game as they determine the wearer’s comfort, traction and even flexibility. The above reviews of the best rated golf shoes 2017 detail the exact reasons why they are the most ideal pair for any golf enthusiast. Given their affordability and unmatched durability, these shoes are definitely the perfect investment for you.